Mental Mirror
It becomes easier to become better
Today we are happy to announce a new Mental Mirror update. Here you can check what new is coming up.

1. New Statistics
We have expanded the statistics. Now you can check your mental states and most important triggers throughout the week and month. That will help you understand what is the most often cause of your states, so you can avoid them. Here you can also check what control methods are working for you.
2. Add important causes right when logging new state
We have changed the logging process. Now you can choose a time and triggers of the state. Here you can also check your "reminder for yourself".
3. Calendar
We have added a calendar where you can check your mental state status and reflection progress! By clicking the dates you can also check each day separately!
4. Enhanced reminders
You can choose time and days when you get the session notifications and build your own reflection program!
Log, reflect, become better